Security & Privacy

At eScholar, we understand that we have a great responsibility as a vendor serving the education of children. eScholar serves many education agencies and our data management solutions have an impact on over 20 million students. The issues regarding the use of data, including student data, are important and have always been a top priority for us.

As a firm that designs, develops and licenses enterprise data management software to education agencies, our contracts with our customers provide us with clear directions and understandings of our customer?s expectations and our responsibilities, including the care and handling of data.

eScholar provides support for our customers when they license our products. eScholar never has accessed or shipped data to our servers without our customer?s authorization. Customers that deploy eScholar software on their own agency?s servers can be assured that their data is completely under their agency?s control. Their data is not transported to, or stored, on eScholar servers. Only a small fraction of agencies also contract with eScholar to host their data. Only in those cases does eScholar host any education data. The hosting provisions of those contracts contain clear language dictating the policies and procedures regarding access to and handling of those data.

eScholar conducts training for all employees on the proper handling of customer data and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. All staff members must pass an annual test to make sure that they keep current with the policies and procedures regarding the handling of customer data. Though this is not required by any legal regulations, we conduct this training  because we understand the significance of our responsibilities. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure compliance to federal and state laws and security best practices.

The ethical use of data is paramount for the protection of citizen privacy, and the use of data in education is no exception. As a vendor and leader in this industry, eScholar has a firm commitment to our customers and stakeholders, including students, parents, and teachers, not to use the data for any purpose other than to meet our contractual obligations to our customers. In no case will the data ever be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please reach out to us directly at