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Latest Updates:

July 2014: All versions of the v16.0 general release of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse are now available.  Documentation for v16.0 has been published for PK-12 and Post Secondary.

June 2014: The v16.0 MS SQL Server general release of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse is now available.  The v16.0 Oracle version is targeted for release July 15th.  Documentation for v16.0 such as Templates, New Features Guide, Best Practices, etc. are currently being published for PK-12 and Post Secondary.  Documentation for prior versions of eScholar products is also accessible on this Portal.  

Reminder: Log in today and request an enhancement to any eScholar product by clicking “Submit an Enhancement”.  Find answers to your most common data loading issues by clicking on the “Troubleshooting Guide”.  View all of your active and previous tickets by clicking “View Your Incidents”.

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